Buildinn Upcycling with Interiors!

August 18, 20170

Many of us, at some point or the other would happily take on the prospect of redoing our own interior spaces: be it home or office spaces. This process, though exciting, is one that commands a strong level of commitment and a willingness to learn new things. For those of you who would like to add to this a twist of up-cycling, please read on!

Here is a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind while reworking interiors:

  • Old is Gold: Don’t scrap away old things just because you are tired of seeing them. Old furniture, storage, or even footwear (yes, you read that right!) or anything old for that matter can be tweaked to suit your new requirements. Think twice before you junk.
  •  Budget yourself out: The market is filled with various options of renovation. However, if you don’t keep track of the path you’re walking on, you might end up shelling out a bucket more than you really need to. Think local, think available, and think creative. Everything can serve a function, based on how you approach it.

    Left Image: Soap Stands fixed on the wall as candle holders

    Right Image: Graters used as Light bulb holders

    3. Think Environmental: Remember that the process of renovation involves a lot of junking. Rather than just throwing away without a thought, try to see where you could reduce your carbon footprint. Right from carefully removing old tiles before placing new ones to thinking twice before wooden flooring, your decisions could go a long way in helping the environment.

    4. Step Beyond your comfort zone: You may be used to doing things in a certain way, or even seeing them in a particular way. Change that, allow yourself to experiment and you will land up with the coolest of ideas!










5. Experiment with Colours: Many times, all certain interior spaces need are a refreshing boost of new colours, compared to the pale ones they’ve seen through their lives. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the colour palette, it has a hundred more options than you think!


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